Coolest Homemade Graveyard Cake Ideas and Photos 9

Here are two cake ideas I came up with for my daughters annual Halloween party – a pumpkin cake and a graveyard cake. The pumpkin cake is simply a yellow cake made in a bunt pan. I used white icing with yellow and red food coloring to make the orange. The stem is created with … Read more

Coolest One Foot in the Grave Cake

Homemade One Foot in the Grave Cake

This cake is the result of a request for the theme “One foot in the grave.” My friend turned 43 this year, and I had no idea how to turn that into a cake. I found some ideas for a One Foot in the Grave Cake online, modified them, and came up with this. The … Read more

Coolest Graveyard Cake

50th Birthday Graveyard Cake

I made this graveyard cake for a friend’s mom. She was turning 50 and I came up with the idea for a grave symbolizing her youth. I looked for so many ideas on the net and got many ideas from many places including this site and threw it all together. I bought the fencing from … Read more

Coolest Homemade Graveyard Cake Ideas and Photos 10

This is a two layer 8″ round spice Graveyard cake with cream cheese frosting which was airbrushed black/brown. The tombstones are Vienna Fingers cookies iced in gray, and the ghost is rice krispies treat covered with fondant. Edible rice paper leaves decorate the sides; and I added candy pumpkins all around. The hand’ and Happy … Read more

Cool Homemade One Foot in the Grave Cake

Homemade One Foot in the Grave Cake

For my 40th birthday I decided to make a “one foot in the grave” cake. I made a large rectangular chocolate brownie cake with pistachio nuts and chunks of 3 colours of chocolate (I baked it in a roasting pan). This made a very firm cake which held the heavy marzipan gravestone well. I iced … Read more

Coolest Tombstone Cake

Homemade Tombstone Cake

I started this Tombstone cake with a Wilton 12×15 sheet cake pan and trimmed the upper edge to a curved shape. I iced the entire cake with light grey buttercream icing. The letters, angel, roses and leaves were molded candies made from Wilton candy melts. The angel was made from a plastic mold I found … Read more

Coolest Homemade Graveyard Cake Ideas and Photos 11

This Graveyard cake was made using two 9×13 pans. I used chocolate cake mixes. It had a filling that was a can of cherry pie filling mixed with one softened cream cheese. Once these ingredients are mixed, fold in a large container of Cool Whip and spread mixture between the two layers. The icing is … Read more

Coolest Cemetary Cake

Homemade Cemetary Cake

I made this cemetary cake for my 3 year old son. It’s made with Betty Crocker’s German chocolate cake mix. Small gravestone shaped Hershey chocolate candybars, some store bought spider jewels, bone hands, and icing. All the kids loved it and it makes for a good Halloween party.

Coolest Halloween Graveyard Cake

Homemade Halloween Graveyard Cake

I was having a Halloween party and made this Halloween Graveyard Cake. It came out pretty cool. The head stones, skeletons, pumpkins and animals are made out of fondant (make all the fondant figures a couple of days prier to assembly). I used butter cream for the grass and crushed chocolate animal cracker cookies for … Read more

Creepy Homemade Graveyard Cake

Graveyard Cake

On a 1/4 sheet double layered chocolate cake, I iced the entire graveyard cake with white buttercream. I covered the top of the cake in Oreo cookies to create the dirt effect. To make the fence, I placed parchment paper down and created a fence with melted chocolate. When it dried, I simply placed it … Read more

Coolest Graveyard Birthday Cake

Homemade Graveyard Birthday Cake

My friend shares her birthday with Halloween, so I decided to carry on with that theme and make her a graveyard birthday cake. I baked (I believe) a 10″ round x 2 and sandwiched them together using jam. I then iced them using regular chocolate frosting from a can on the top and orange around … Read more

Cool Homemade Tombstone Cake

Homemade Tombstone Cake

I made this tombstone cake as a joke for my husband’s birthday. Every year since he turned 20 his sister gave him over the hill items. This year for his birthday to add to the insult I made his cake into a tombstone. It was really easy to do. I made a 9×13 cake and … Read more