My cousin asked me to make a cake for a women’s conference that would be centered around Queen Esther, taking from the book of Esther in the bible. The theme from the conference was ” Chosen by the King”.  The colors were purple and gold. I gave some thought to it and decided to do an edible image of Queen Esther.

I found an image of Queen Esther on line and printed it on a sugar sheet. I ordered the molds for the cakes from first impression molds. I ordered the cameo set, the pearl inset medallion, and the crown molds. I used a 12″ square pan for the bottom layer and an 8″ square for the top layer. The cake was a coconut lemon cake with a raspberry filling. The frosting was a coconut-raspberry butter cream frosting. I made 16 cameo molds and painted the edges of them purple. I made 8 of the pearl medallion inset molds, painted the stone purple and the trim with gold.

I made 8 of the crown molds and painted them purple and gold. I carefully placed the sugar sheet image of Queen Esther on the top of the cake and painted “Queen Esther” in black on the sugar sheet. I attached the molds to the cake. This was the first time I used molds. They came out really well. Pleased with the way my molds came out, lots of details.

I had fun with this cake. The ladies at the conference loved the cake, said it was the best cake they had ever eaten. They said the detail on the cake was awesome. I got lots of compliments. This cake was really beautiful.