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Coolest St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Cakes

This cake was for my son’s first birthday! We did a St. Patrick theme party but I wanted the cake to be of something he loved. So since my son is a big fan of Baby Einstein I came up with the idea for this cake! It’s an example of how you can make holiday cakes or any theme on a cake; you just need to use your imagination!

The cakes are 6 inch rounds, two are chocolate, and the other three are lemon-lime with coconut glaze. I really enjoyed making this cake and my son loved it! Hope this helps to inspire you!

More St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Cakes

Cake by Becky Z., North Miami, FL

St. Patrick's Day Holiday Cakes

This cake is a 9×13 cake iced in buttercream. The picture is from holiday cakes on an online site that has coloring books. I used buttercream to freehand it onto the cake and filled it in. Edible gold dust was painted onto the ‘coins’ and green buttercream shamrocks were piped around the sides of the cake.

Cake by Steve S., Ontario, Canada

St. Patrick's Day Holiday Cakes

This is my second cake that I have made. I found this design on the web for holiday cakes and re-created it and modified it a bit in Corel Draw. Reversed it and traced it onto wax paper with black icing and rubbed it onto the iced cake. Some lines broke and did not transfer well but that is easily fixed by icing the outlines where they broke right on the cake. I filled in the design with star tip.

Cake by Kimberly C., Wetumka, OK

St. Patrick's Day Holiday Cakes

This is my St. Patrick’s Day cake. I used the Wilton horseshoe cake pan. I found the coins at ‘Big Lots’. On one side of the coin it says, “get lucky” and on the other side is a shamrock. Then I just used tip #16 for the edges and I used shamrock and green sugar sprinkles.