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Coolest Shamrock Birthday Cake

My great niece wanted a Shamrock cake with polka dots for her birthday which is March 18. I convinced her to use little shamrocks instead of polka dots. When I asked her what color she wanted the little shamrocks she said she liked all the colors of the rainbow which became my inspiration for the rest of the cake design.

I used an eight inch heart shape cake pan, boxed marble cake mix and butter cream icing. I made 3 heart shaped cakes (one layer each) and a small loaf pan was used for the stem. It took 3 cake mixes which gave me a little left over for a few extra small loaves.

After baking, cooling and leveling the cakes, I iced the sides of each cake then placed them in the shamrock shape before icing the rest of the cake. Everything on the cake is made with icing and was done free hand. The little figure on the side is not edible.

She loved the cake as did the rest of this very Irish clan!

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