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Coolest St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Hat Cake

This St.Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Hat cake was made for my family on St. Patrick’s Day. I used a white cake mix with a Green Apple Jolly Rancher carbonated beverage instead of water or oil. I also put in a bit of green food coloring and marbled it so that it would be green when cut into the cake.

I used store bought icing to dirty ice the cake and then covered it in fondant. All of the fondant is also store bought. I used a light green fondant for the hat and then used a color mist spray to make it darker and it also helped to make it look a little aged/worn (I’m really glad that I used the spray because I had a really hard time with the fondant, as it was too hot in the house and it kept tearing on me, so the spray covered a multitude of sins… so to speak). I used black fondant for the band and yellow fondant for the buckle. I used a cookie cutter for the flower with white fondant and a yellow fondant center.

I took a paper plate and traced a circle in the green fondant to make the brim and sprayed it with the color mist, then put a bit of tissue paper under different parts of the brim to make it look worn. Once the top of the hat was decorated with the green fondant I put it on top of the brim and finished decorating it.

This cake didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted but every cake is a learning experience, and my family and friends loved it! This is my 4th cake using fondant.

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