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Coolest St. Patrick’s Day Cake

We always have a food day at work and I decided to showcase my talents (LOL) of decorating cakes. This St. Patrick’s Day Cake is chocolate, 2 Pillsbury cakes mixes. I baked 3 9″ hearts and 1 loaf pan, dividing the batter into those 4 pans. I cut out a paper template on what I thought the stem should look like then used that to cut a cake stem from the cake baked in the loaf pan. I assembled the 3 hearts with the points touching in the middle and cut the top of the stem part to fit right up to the heart cakes.

I LOVE the already to use Wilton Decorator icing! Thinned some white and did a crumb coat, put it in the fridge for about 1/2 hour. While that was setting I mixed some LEAF green Wilton coloring in some white icing and also some white icing mixed with KELLY green Wilton coloring.

I first spread the LEAF green over all the cakes making them look like one big shamrock. I used the grass tip and the KELLY green icing all around the sides so it would look like it came from grass. I cut out a template of a smaller shamrock, placed it in the center and used a shell border around that then lifted it off to give me the outline that I filled in with stars in KELLY green.

Wrote HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY and drew a little shamrock by hand using icing on each of the shamrock leaves!

It was fun to do!

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