On the 29th of November 2012, my friend Emeka by name called me and said “Esther I have hurt my girlfriend and she’s mad at me, what can I do? I called her and she’s not answering and she won’t even reply to my messages” so I asked him what does she like? He said she loves cakes and candies, so I suggested we bake a cool cake for her saying “AM SORRY” and taking it to her house. He agreed.

I baked the cake using the following;
-4 cups of flour
-18grams of baking power
-1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg spice
-4 grams of vanilla powder

I mixed the dry ingredients. Then I creamed 250 grams of butter with 2 cups of sugar, then added a 1/4 spoon of a liquid strawberry flavor and 6 big eggs.I added the powder ingredient and 250ml of liquid milk. Greased my love shape pan, dusted it with flour and added my mixture into it, baked for 45 minutes at 350 degree Celsius.

When I was icing the cake Emeka called and said “her best cartoon is Hello Kitty, can you make a design of it”. Then I thought this is a big one, how can I make such a complicated design, but in order not to disappoint him I said I will.

Making the small face of a Hello Kitty was not so easy for me being my first time. I had a challenge thinking of what to use for the eyes, nose and whisk and was scared that I might not get the shape of the face. Finally I got a dark chocolate cream for the whisk and the eyes and nose was from a M&M candy.

When he came over to my place for the cake he was so happy. It looked good that was when I was convinced it was nice. And the cake did the magic, she loved it as she saw it and forgave him. Finally my joy was completed.