Cool Homemade Farming Scene Birthday Cake

Coolest Farming Scene Birthday Cake

This farming scene birthday cake was my first cake that I did for a friend and I was thrilled with how it turned out. My friend’s little boy absolutely loves John Deere tractors and everything about farming.  His mom wanted a nice cake with a tractor and some plastic farm animals on it. Well, this is … Read more

Coolest Farming Scene Birthday Cake

Coolest Farming Scene Birthday Cake

The Request: “Mom, for Garrett’s second birthday would you make a cake with farm animals and real tractors?” When my daughter plans a birthday party, her creative juices flow, and the party becomes an event with a theme.  And this year, the farm with animals and tractors were to set the stage. How could I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Carved Tractor Birthday Cake

Coolest Mow Mow Tractor Birthday Cake

This Tractor birthday cake was only the second “creative cake” I had ever made and I think it is my favorite, not only from the reaction it got from my son, but also because I came up with the idea only by watching my son play with a wooden tractor that his Grandpa had made for … Read more

Gitty-Up Cowboy Cake

Gitty-Up Cowboy Cake

I make this Gitty-Up cowboy cake  for my son’s 6th birthday. For weeks my son asked for a Soccer birthday party so I was dead set on making a soccer cake for him, BUT at the last minute he decided he wanted a cowboy birthday party. With only 2 days to change EVERYTHING from soccer to … Read more

Awesome Chocolate Mud Tractor Birthday Cake with Vegetables

Awesome Chocolate Mud Tractor Birthday Cake with Vegetables

Matthew wanted a tractor cake which I had a basic plan for in my mind. Quite unusually as a man, I have been delegated the cake making or at least icing for our parties. Then Matthew got fixated on having icing vegetables and insisted that he new where to buy them on the other side … Read more

Coolest Farming Cake

Homemade Farming Cake

I am still learning this cake making deal, but I am pleased with the outcome of this farming cake. I made this cake for my nephew’s 3rd birthday. I made a chocolate sheet cake from scratch. Then made buttercream frosting and attempted to color it the green used for John Deer. Boy oh boy, was … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Making Cakes for a Barnyard Party 0

I used an idea for making cakes I found online. I started with a yellow cake mix and using buttercream icing I then separated the green and brown field. I iced the field smoothly and then used a decorator comb to make it look like it had been tilled then sprinkled a graham cracker, brown … Read more

Cute Homemade Barnyard and Silo Cake

Barnyard Cake

This barnyard cake was made for my son’s second birthday. It was my first homemade cake. I started out well in advanced making the animals and fence out of marshmallow fondant and then stored them in an air tight container until ready to use. I made three 9×13 cakes, two for the bottom and then … Read more

Coolest Barnyard Cake with Animal Cupcakes

Homemade Barnyard Cake with Animal Cupcakes

I was struggling with what to do for my son’s first birthday. I looked on several websites, and decided to combine several ideas. This Barnyard Cake with Animal Cupcakes was my practice cake. This is a 9 x 13 inch white cake shaped like a barn. I used a toothpick to lightly etch the shape, … Read more

Coolest Barn Birthday Cake

Homemade Barn and Tractor Birthday Cake

My Mom and I spent two days on my son’s first birthday cake. I wanted something that would feed 35 to 40 people so I decided on two 9 x 13 cakes side by side. I also wanted to offer a variety so we made one vanilla and one in cherry chocolate. This ended up … Read more

Coolest Barnyard-Theme Picture of Cakes 9

I used plastic fencing and animals. I made the water with grass around it for the ducks. I made a mud hole for the pigs to play in. The sheep are following the ducks to the water hole. The horses are eating out of a plastic trough filled with graham crackers crumbled to a fine … Read more

Coolest Homemade Barn Cakes 1

Lots of prep work for a first timer on barn cakes. The royal icing animals were made well in advance of the party. The base cake is 9×13 – chocolate with buttercream blue and red shell border. I used shaved milk chocolate instead of coconut under the animals. The fence was made with pretzel sticks … Read more

Coolest Harvester Birthday Cake

Homemade Harvester Birthday Cake

This harvester birthday cake was made of black chocolate (motor), white chocolate (cab) and a roll with caramel spread (the platform I believe this is the word to define this). Then I covered all the cake with different colors of chocolate and vanilla fondant. My little grandson, my family and the guests said: Uouuuu, WONDERFUL!!

Coolest Tractor Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Tractor Birthday Cake Design

I made this Tractor Birthday Cake Design for my grandson Billy’s 3rd birthday. He lives in the country side near a farm. He loves tractor’s. I have made cakes for my other grandchildren in the past, but nothing with dark icing. I tried to colour the icing with liquid colour. This was unsuccessful as the … Read more

Coolest Pink Antique Tractor Cake

Homemade Pink Antique Tractor Cake

The Pink Antique Tractor Cake is made with 11×13 pan, 3 layers for the main part, carved on the top to give a bit of roundness. Fondant overlay, then painted with the spray paint. The chair is a round cake carved to look like a seat, covered with fondant. The wheels and steering wheel are … Read more

Coolest Farming Tractor Cakes and Preparation Tips 3

I made this cake for a friends son. I used two 9×13 cakes and put them together. I iced with green and brown dyed icing to look like the field and garden. I used green icing to make the plants in the garden and used pieces of his favorite farm toys for the toppers.s son. … Read more

Coolest Farming Tractor Cake Ideas and Photos 7

After searching the internet for a tractor cake to surprise my soon-to-be-three year old son my mother showed up with a Wilton pan. (Whew one step easier!) I didnt start baking this until 8:00 pm. I made the tractor of chocolate and the rebuilt-rectangle-cake wagon of vanilla. The family is large and each has their … Read more

Coolest Farmyard Birthday Cake

Homemade Farmyard Birthday Cake

For my son Gavin’s second birthday party, we chose to have a farm themed party. The invites were little barns and when you opened the barn door there was a picture of my son dressed as a farmer. And this is the Farmyard Birthday Cake. All the kids received cowboy hats and bandanas and cowbells. … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Making Cakes for a Barnyard Party 1

I am not good at making cakes so about a week before my sons birthday party I made all of the animal figures, hay bales and flowers out of icing and kept them in an airtight container. The day before the party I made a square sponge cake which I filled with jam and covered … Read more

Coolest Farmyard Cake

Homemade Farmyard Cake

This farmyard cake is a beautifully moist mud cake with a chocolate muddy looking ganache icing. The farm animals were made from a plain modeling fondant coloured to suit each piece. I created the barn house out of red fondant and added some raffia for straw. There is a little grey rat with a pink … Read more

Cute Homemade Barnyard Scene Cake

Homemade Barnyard Cake

I made this homemade barnyard cake for my daughter’s second birthday, she loves cows so I thought this would be perfect. The barn is made out of 2 chocolate cakes baked in a round pan. I then trimmed the cake to make a square and used the extra for the roof. I covered the barn … Read more

Cool Homemade Barn Cake

Homemade Barn Cake

I made this barn cake for my son’s third birthday. I used 2 cake mixes to make 4 cakes in loaf pans, cutting the top off of two of the loaf pans. Then staked a “domed” loaf on top of a flat loaf and put them side by side. In the “valley” I used 2 … Read more

Coolest Barnyard-Theme Picture of Cakes 10

The barn is made of two 9×11 cakes stacked on top of each other. The slanted roof was made by baking a cake in a bread loaf pan, then cutting two triangular shaped pieced and one rectangle from the cake. The silo is a stack of store-bought sugar cookies, glued together with frosting. The grass … Read more

Coolest Farm Animal Cupcakes

Homemade Farm Animal Cupcakes

I made these farm animal cupcakes for my daughter’s second birthday party, a “barnyard bash.” I found the idea for the pig cupcake on this site and the lamb cupcake on another (?) site. The pig has pink frosting and uses half of a large pink marshmallow for the nose, one pink mini marshmallow cut … Read more