Coolest Island Getaway Cake

Homemade Island Getaway Cake

I made this Island Getaway Cake for my cousin’s college graduation party. It’s a marbled half sheet cake with buttercream icing (so easy to make waves in buttercream!). The island is about a cup of batter baked in my pampered chef batter bowl, I just leveled it, turned it over, and covered in fondant. I … Read more

Coolest Island-Shaped Ocean Cakes

Coolest Island-Shaped Ocean Cakes

This is one of the coolest Island-shaped ocean cakes I’ve made. I created it for my niece. The “water” base is a 14″ round cake frosted with blue tinted buttercream frosting. The stones are made from tinted royal icing that was allowed to dry for several days. The girl, her inner tube and the crab … Read more

Coolest Tropical Island Cake

Homemade Tropical Island Cake

Our Guide unit was running a Tropical Island themed cafe evening to raise money for charity so I decided to make this cake to be raffled. The Tropical Island Cake is simply 2 homemade vanilla sponges baked in round cake tins and stacked on top of each other with buttercream icing in the middle. The … Read more

Coolest Lake Cake Design

Homemade Lake Cake Design

This Lake Cake Design was for my 14th Birthday at my lake house. My mom and me made it together. Cake: make two 9 inch circle cakes with any quick make cake mix. Icing: icing the cake with blue icing. Then where the island is use green icing. For decorating you will need: Peach rings … Read more

Coolest Island Cake

Homemade Island Cake

I have just began making cakes and this island cake is the third one that I have made so far and for someone that is not very creative I have been doing well. I have visited this site many times and have looked at pics to come up with ideas for cakes. This cake in … Read more