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Coolest Island-Shaped Ocean Cakes

This is one of the coolest Island-shaped ocean cakes I’ve made. I created it for my niece. The “water” base is a 14″ round cake frosted with blue tinted buttercream frosting. The stones are made from tinted royal icing that was allowed to dry for several days. The girl, her inner tube and the crab are made from tinted fondant.

The island is made from two 8″ cakes that were stacked and carved. I covered the island with buttercream frosting. I crushed graham crackers and chocolate graham crackers to create “sand” and “dirt” on the island. The palm trees are party picks that I purchased. I covered the picks with royal icing to make thicker tree trunks. I placed the coated picks in foam egg cartons to dry. Some of the icing slide down the base of the trunks and actually made more realistic looking trunks.

The grass is buttercream frosting applied with a grass tip and there are a few yellow royal icing flowers on the island. My niece wanted penguins on her cake so I made a couple of penguins from buttercream icing and placed them on the island. I followed the directions to make the penguins from the Wilton web site for ocean cakes.

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