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Coolest Island Getaway Cake

I made this Island Getaway Cake for my cousin’s college graduation party. It’s a marbled half sheet cake with buttercream icing (so easy to make waves in buttercream!). The island is about a cup of batter baked in my pampered chef batter bowl, I just leveled it, turned it over, and covered in fondant.

I then ‘painted’ the fondant with vodka and sprinkled with sanding sugar to make it look sandy. The figure and beach towel are fondant. The tree was the most complex: The trunk a pretzel rod, covered in royal icing (using a ‘stand-up’ leaf tip). The fronds are made of fondant stuck together with a ‘cup’ underneath to keep it on top of the pretzel rod (I didn’t make them long enough ahead of time to dry properly, so they’re actually supported with toothpick underneath.

The ‘coconuts’ on the palm are chocolate covered raisins. I sifted through the bag looking for the roundest ones I could find! Gummy sharks, octopuses, and fish swim around the ocean, and there’s some chocolate rocks on the sea floor too.

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