Coolest Running Shoe Cake

My wife loves to run and got a new pair of shoes for an upcoming half marathon. I wanted to make her a cake for her birthday of the shoes, but she was always wearing them at work when I had time to work on the cake, so I found some images online. It was … Read more

Coolest Flip Flop Birthday Cake

Coolest Flip Flop Birthday Cake

The summer of 2011 we were upstate at my friend’s house. We we having a birthday party for my son who was turning 11.  We talked to another friend whose little girl was turning 6 and decided to do a double party for the kids. The little girl’s birthday is July 29 and my son’s … Read more

Coolest High Heel Cupcake Shoes Fit for a Princess

Coolest High Heel Cupcake Shoes Fit for a Princess

I made these high heel cup cakes for one of my best friend’s for her birthday. She is honestly the best person, she is fit to be a princess. I made the cupcakes with vanilla cup cake mix with a marshmallow fondant to cover the cupcake.  I used white chocolate melts to cover a graham cracker to shape the … Read more

Cool Shoe Cake for Best Friend’s Birthday

Cool Shoe Cake for Best Friend's Birthday

This is a butter pound cake, stacked, and carved in the shape of a converse sneaker (size 10 1/2). Then was frosted in buttercream and covered in fondant, airbrushed in bright yellow with black trim. Holes cut and laces applied. The cake was sitting on the coffee table when she stopped by for coffee. We … Read more

Cool Homemade Shoes Cake

Pair of Sneakers

My client’s friend is a long distance runner so I suggested a pair of sneakers. For each sneaker, I stacked two 11×7 chocolate layers, filled with raspberry filling. I base iced each sneaker with butter cream icing and covered with fondant. The decorations are butter cream and the shoelaces are fondant. The tissue filled shoebox … Read more

Coolest Purse And Flip Flops Cake

Flip Flops & Purse Cakes on Graham Cracker Sand

Cut a template in the shape of flip flops then cut out from sheet cake. I used 2 sheetcakes so that I could have 2 layers. Braid licorice strands in different colors and use toothpicks to hold in place (make sure to remove b4 serving). Add circle dots to finish Purse cake is a sheet … Read more

Coolest Shoes Cake

Homemade Wrestling Shoes Cake

My son is a state qualifying wrestler so I made Wrestling Shoes cake. I cut the shape out of a 9×13 pan. I used icing and icing gel to decorate them like his real wrestling shoes. The gray and black areas are made from white frosting that I colored. The green is colored tube frosting. … Read more

Tips on Cake Decorating Shoe-Shaped Cakes 5

My friend, Jessie, and I wanted to make a cake for fun over the summer break. We came up with this idea and used food coloring to make the cake foot-colored. We used Airheads and cut them up for toenails. We used Airheads and Twizzler twists for the flip-flops.

Flip Flop Cake

Flip Flop Cake

For this giant flip flop cake, I started with two boxes of regular yellow cake mix. I then baked two different cakes, each with their own rectangle pan. I then stacked the two cakes on top of each other, making sure that I added whipped white icing between the two cakes. After stacking, I started … Read more

Coolest Converse Shoe Cake

Homemade Converse Shoe Cake

It was my boyfriend’s 20th Birthday and he is obsessed with Converse sneakers. I knew I had to make him an amazing Converse shoe cake since I make them for every family member’s special day, so I took on the challenge in creating a sneaker for him. I used two 8×10 pans and used Betty … Read more

Cool Homemade Purple Flip Flop Cake

Homemade Flip Flops Cake

This Flip Flops Cake is a chocolate and vanilla cake. I made it for my daughter’s birthday. You need to get sole patterns which I got online. I baked 2 13×9 cake ( 1 chocolate 1 vanilla). The strips are are black candy strips and the flower is made out of fondant.