Coolest Flip Flop Birthday Cake

The summer of 2011 we were upstate at my friend’s house. We we having a birthday party for my son who was turning 11.  We talked to another friend whose little girl was turning 6 and decided to do a double party for the kids. The little girl’s birthday is July 29 and my son’s is August 5th. We had one table all dolled up with girlie decorations and a boy table with blue boy decorations. Of course we had to have two cakes.

I decided to do a swimming pool cake for my son. He loves to swim and loves to be in the water. My friend’s hubby calls him “Aquaman”. For our little friend, who is a very funny child, and a bit of a fashionista, i made her a flip flop cake, but felt one flip flop would look weird, so i made two.. you have to have a set to be fashionable!!

For the flip flop cakes I baked two rectangle cakes and let them cool. I found a template and cut around to make the shape of the flop. I decorated with purple and blue frosting, colors the litle girl likes and then decorated with Sprees, Fruit By the Foot, and two flower lollipops that I cut the stick off of.

This little girl’s face was priceless when we surprised her with this cake while singing Happy Birthday! She was so happy, asked me how i knew she loved flip flops and those colors and couldn’t wait to get a big slice!

My son loved the swimming pool cake. I made two round cake, frosted them white, and tinted some that I had left aside with blue to match the pool in the backyard at my friend’s house. i used Fruit by the Foot as beach towels while the Gummy Bears sunbathed. I used peach rings as swimming rings for the other Gummy Bear friends.

All the cakes tasted delish and there was none left!!

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