Coolest Garden Scene Cake Recipes 2

This flower garden was very easy to make! The base is just a two layer sheet cake which I made from one of my cake recipes. The fence is made from lady finger cookies cut into points on one end. The dirt is crushed Oreos. The flowers are made from inverted jumbo gum drops cut … Read more

Coolest Fall Basket Cake

Homemade Fall Basket Cake

I made this fall basket cake for a school fundraiser this past fall. I baked 2 8-in round cakes. After doming and stacking them, I put the “dirty icing” coat on. I then used tip #48 to do the basket weave and tip #18 to make the rope border on the top and bottom. The … Read more

Coolest English Garden Birthday Cake

Homemade English Garden Birthday Cake

This English Garden Birthday Cake was made for my father in law and as he is a keen gardener with a beautiful garden. I made him a miniature garden cake, the cake is based on his own garden. The grass is green coloured coconut, I put the food colouring and the coconut in a small … Read more

Coolest Garden Scene Cake Recipes 3

I saw a similar version of flower cakes on a professional cake recipes and decorating website and loved it. For the flowers I used one cupcake for the center and surrounded it with six cupcakes for the petals. For the stems I piped out a random design with green frosting. I covered the ladybugs with … Read more

Coolest Princesses Garden Cake

Homemade Princesses Garden Cake

I made this Princesses Garden Cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. For the Princesses, I used the Wilton Mini Wonder pan, which makes the 4 skirts. I used cookie sticks and cling wrapped them to the dolls to insert them into their “skirts”. The base is a 12 X 18inch sheet cake. This was a … Read more

Cool Homemade Garden Allotment Birthday Cake

Homemade Garden Allotment Birthday Cake

I was asked to make my Dads 80th birthday cake and as he has his own allotment and been a professional gardener all his life, I decided to base the theme on that. I started with 4 rectangular basic sponge cakes and stuck them together with butter cream and jam. I bought white fondant icing … Read more

Coolest Garden Scene Cake Recipes 4

I did not have cake recipes for this cake so used the pan from the Betty Crocker bake and fill to bake the ladybugs and for the daisy cupcakes the daisy leaves are made from marshmallows and a brown M&M for the center of the daisy. I used M&Ms for the eyes of the ladybugs. … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Garden Birthday Cake

Tinkerbell Garden Birthday Cake

I made this Tinkerbell Garden Birthday Cake for my granddaughter’s second birthday. It was a three-tiered cake. I used four boxes of cake mix but made the frosting myself. I divided the cake into four sections, each section representing one of the seasons, and this division made it easier to put the various fairies on … Read more

Coolest Homemade 2 Tiered Fondant Garden Birthday Cake

Homemade Garden Birthday Cake

This Garden Birthday Cake was my first attempt at a stacked cake. The cake is vanilla sponge layered and coated with orange buttercream. I then covered the cake in fondant and decorated with gum paste flowers and trees and used some floristry wire to stand the gumpaste clouds and sun on the top. I used … Read more

Coolest Garden Scene Cake Recipes 5

My daughter Lily had a butterfly theme for her first birthday party so I wanted a cake to create the mood. I thought I was creative until I did a trial run of a butterfly cake for my birthday. It was terrible and had to look for other cake recipes. I couldnt create a butterfly … Read more

Coolest Backyard Pond Cake

Homemade Backyard Pond Cake

This Backyard Pond Cake was so much fun to make. I made it for my sister-in-laws wedding. The wedding took place in her backyard, where she has a beautiful pond. I used a boxed cake mix and buttercream icing (recipe in the Wilton cake books). The trees were made with plastic cones and buttercream icing. … Read more

Coolest Dad’s Garden Cake

Coolest Dad's Garden Cake

My dad was 83 this year and as he is a keen gardener and always complaining about his rhubarb. I decided to make him a cake which was all about him. The cake was 10 inches in diameter and made from a Christmas Fruit cake recipe – so that it would last. Over a number … Read more