Beautiful Homemade Garden Cake

Garden cake

This cake was made for double 80th birthday for couple who loves they flowers, mainly purple, and adores yellow butterflies. Several different elements on the board made in different techniques – came as good cake together.

Pretty Butterfly Cake for Twin Girls

Pretty Butterfly Cake for Twin Girls

My twin girls wanted a butterfly themed cake. I found a couple years ago, cake decorating is a lot of fun so I have been making their cakes. My imagination was all over the place however it stopped with a two layer cake covered in green & white marble fondant. I rolled a small amount … Read more

Cool Birthday Cake

Cool Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my sister. It was the first real fondant cake I had made. I tried to include all her favorite things. She loves frogs, so I have him holding her birthday sign. Another of her favorites are Johnny Jumpups. They were a bit tricky to make. The purple spikes took some … Read more

Spring Theme Cake

Spring Theme Cake

I started by making cake balls, by using a cake pop pan.  I used a box of white cake mix and I added a package of vanilla pudding mix to the batter and I also used milk instead of water, and I used whole eggs instead of egg whites because I knew I’d be tinting … Read more

Coolest Tranquil Garden Cake

This tranquil garden cake was made for a co-worker who is an avid gardener. The cake is made of 2 sheet cakes, and covered in butter cream frosting. The walkway, pond lining and birds are fondant. The other accents are candy melts. Everything is edible! This was the “before” photo. Just before it was presented, … Read more

Easy Gardener’s Cake

My poor husband was away on business for 2 weeks over his birthday. I’m not sure who had it worse, him alone on his birthday, or me alone with the waking-in-the-night 6 year old! Anyway, I made him a cake on return to make up for it. It was quite quick and easy. I made … Read more

Coolest Pond Birthday Cake

I really enjoyed making this pond birthday cake , it was for an 80 year old man. I was given a hand drawn picture of an idea they had George loved sitting in the garden by his pond and the rest was left to my devices. I started by making different shaped flower pots out … Read more

Coolest Butterfly Garden Cake

Coolest Butterfly Garden Cake

This Butterfly garden cake was created for a sweet girl that loves bright bold colors. Her main request was bright fun flowers. The cakes were made in flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry so that everyone would have a choice once it was cut. The cake is covered in butter cream, not fondant and all the flowers … Read more

Cool Homemade Critter Cake

Homemade Critter Cake

This critter cake is only my second. I took a rectangular cake(boxed) and cut it in half. I put homemade lemon curd on the top of one half and then stacked the other half on top. I then covered it with butter cream. I coloured my fondant with Kelly green and lemon yellow color, rolled … Read more

Cute Homemade Flower Birthday Cake

Homemade Flower Birthday Cake

Mariana’s first birthday had to be special. After they had 3 boys they’ve got the precious princess. The theme was “flower girl” and she wanted something simple but sweet. I used buttercream frosting for the green and white base and grass and colored fondant with cookie cutters to create the flowers and butterflies. I also … Read more

Coolest Garden Scene Cake Recipes 3

I saw a similar version of flower cakes on a professional cake recipes and decorating website and loved it. For the flowers I used one cupcake for the center and surrounded it with six cupcakes for the petals. For the stems I piped out a random design with green frosting. I covered the ladybugs with … Read more

Coolest Fall Basket Cake

Homemade Fall Basket Cake

I made this fall basket cake for a school fundraiser this past fall. I baked 2 8-in round cakes. After doming and stacking them, I put the “dirty icing” coat on. I then used tip #48 to do the basket weave and tip #18 to make the rope border on the top and bottom. The … Read more