Coolest Butterflies and Daisies Birthday Cake

Homemade Butterflies and Daisies Birthday Cake

Our daughter LOVES butterflies and daisies. We were not surprised when she wanted a Butterflies and Daisies Birthday Cake for her 6th birthday party. I had purchased pans to create the shapes of the cakes. I like to bake from scratch and not a box. The butterfly cake was cookies and cream. The daisy cake … Read more

Coolest Butterfly Cake Ideas and How-To Tips 5

Ice and decorate the butterfly cake to your desire. I used white fluffy icing, gel icing for outline of wing designs, the spray icing for all over color, skittles for the wings. For the antennas I used Twizzlers twisted rope. The children loved it.

Coolest Homemade Butterfly Cakes 9

I made this cake for one of my best friends little girl who was turning two; she really loves butterfly cakes. The pans I used were a bowling pin cake pan for the body. I cut the top off of the bowling pin, turned it upside-down, shaped it like a butterfly body and re-attached the … Read more

Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cakes 3

My daughter needed a cake that would be easy to take to school. I wanted cupcakes for the serving size but still wanted a cake and the butterfly cupcake idea was born. I laid out the template with empty liners so I knew how many cupcakes to make. After they cooled I set them out … Read more

Fun Homemade Pink Butterfly Cake

Butterfly Cake

Thanks to this great website I had heaps of ideas for my little girl’s first birthday cake. I decided on a butterfly cake and purchased a butterfly shaped cooking tin from online. I then set about looking at all the icing ideas from this website and just loved one of them (thanks #17!!) so decided … Read more

Quick and Easy Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake

Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake

I really needed a quick and easy cake and this homemade Butterfly cake is what I came up with. It was my birthday, and my three year old son was so excited about celebrating my birthday. I therefore wanted to make a fun cake myself and save money at the same time I used one … Read more

Coolest Butterfly First Birthday Cake

Homemade Butterfly First Birthday Cake

We used boxed cake mixes to save time for our Butterfly First Birthday Cake. (Found from experience that if you mix it for about 5 minutes it comes out so much better). The bottom layer is chocolate with chocolate frosting on top, then a strawberry layer with strawberry frosting on top, then a white layer … Read more

Cool Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake Made From the Wilton Butterfly Pan

Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake

This year my twin grandchildren’s birthday theme was John Deere. I ordered the girl and boy JD stuff on line and then worked cakes to coordinate. My granddaughter’s cake was a Butterfly Birthday Cake. I had looked for butterfly cakes and nothing inspired me. I used the Wilton butterfly cake pan and adjusted the colors … Read more

Butterflies Cake

Butterflies Cake

My daughter and I came up with this Buttterlies cake design, two butterflies in a flower garden after I realized I did not own a large enough round cake pan to simply make one big butterfly for her 4th birthday party! The base is a half sheet cake, frosted green and with the tufts of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Butterfly Cakes 10

These butterfly cakes were easy. I started with a round cake and cut it in half. I turned the halves around so the outside of the circle was touching. The frosting matched the flavor of the cake. I made 2 orange, 2 choc, and 2 strawberry. A Twinkie was the body and red licorice string … Read more

Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cakes 4

The preparation of butterfly birthday cakes is simple. I did a normal sponge cake mixture (I made a double mixture). This way the cake came very high. Baked in a square pan and cut the butterfly free-hand. I used my own ideas and colors for the decoration. I mixed all colors from white icing.