Coolest Homemade Spider Cupcakes 1

I just made cakes with normal cupcake recipe 3 eggs, 3oz sugar, 3oz butter and 6oz flour and baked in cases. Once cool, I covered them in glace icing, just icing sugar and water. Then decorated the spiders cupcakes with one chocolate button for body, liquorice strips cut for legs then dropped a small amount … Read more

Coolest Miss Spider Cake Photos and How-To Tips 4

I made this Miss Spider cake for a friends daughter. I searched the web for ideas. I made Miss Spider and her friends with fondant, that I had made different colors. It turned out great and Ally loved it!s daughter. I searched the web for ideas. I made Miss Spider and her friends with fondant, … Read more

Cool Homemade Black and Orange 3D Halloween Spider Cake

Striped Spider Cake

This Halloween spider cake was one of the easiest cakes I have ever made. I used 2 Pyrex bowls to make the head and body. I froze the cakes overnight because it helps keep the crumbs packed down so you don’t have a mess. I cut just a small amount off one end of each … Read more

Coolest Spider Halloween Birthday Cake

Homemade Spider Halloween Birthday Cake

I made this Spider Halloween Birthday Cake for all the October Birthday’s in the family. We’ve always had the traditional birthday cakes and I wanted to do more of a Halloween theme cake this year. I kept it simple using homemade buttercream icing (recipe found on internet)with an easy web design and spider. The cake … Read more

Coolest Miss Spider Cake Photos and How-To Tips 5

My son wanted a “Miss Spiders Sunny Patch” birthday. As of this write-up, there is nothing out there with regards to party favors, party supplies, etc. with the Miss Spider theme, so I was on my own. We decided to use a theme called “Bugs Everywhere” for the tablecloth, blow outs, napkins, and hanging decorations. … Read more

Coolest Spider Cake

Homemade Spider Cake

I made this spider cake for a co-worker. His birthday falls on Halloween so I decided to make a spider web cake with the spider crawling on the side. I used 2 8-inch round chocolate cakes and used white buttercream to ice the cake. To make the web & spider I drew it out on … Read more

Coolest Spider Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade  Spider Birthday Cake Idea

My son loves Spiderman, and wanted a spider cake for his 5th birthday, he drew me a picture of how he wanted it, so I got the Spider Birthday Cake Idea to replicate his drawing. I used a rectangular pan and made 4 cakes (I prefer to have more then less). It was a vanilla … Read more

Coolest Homemade Spider Cupcakes 0

Technically these bugs should be spider cupcakes with eight legs but we ran a bit short on legs! The legs were red string candy. We found it easiest to use a skewer to first make the hole before inserting the string. We used chocolate cupcakes covered in chocolate frosting and brown sprinkles. The eyes were … Read more

Coolest Pink Spider Cake

Homemade Pink Spider Cake

My daughter, aged 3, was really into spiders and wanted a pink spider cake as a birthday cake. The cake was made from 2 separate round 7″ cakes, normal vanilla sponge mix – using approx 10oz flour, sugar, butter and 4 eggs in each tin. Bake for approx 30-45 mins at 190 degrees centigrade. Turn … Read more

Cute Homemade Spider Birthday Cake

Homemade Spider Birthday Cake

This Spider Birthday Cake is really simple and really effective. I made 2 cakes (round) shaped into a dome and then piped with butter cream icing. Head smaller round cake and sculpted covered in butter icing and covered in chocolate bits. Hunt for suitable sweets to make the face before you start ! I used … Read more