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Coolest Spider and Web Cupcakes

I did these Spider and Web Cupcakes last minute for a Halloween party we were having. Super easy though a little time consuming. My original idea was to use stencils (I was looking for super quick) but that didn’t work, so this was my back up plan.

Made chocolate cupcakes, did a quick icing of chocolate, rolled them in chocolate sprinkles, then cut black licorice into strips for the legs (the time consuming part) and just stuck them in. We couldn’t find the shoe string licorice anywhere, which would’ve saved a bunch of time! But the ridges in the regular licorice strips made the ‘legs’ look hairy which was perfect.

Then I used “hot tamales” candies and cut them for the eyes. For webs, I iced the cupcakes in cream cheese icing, then hand piped the webs — super easy.

The kids absolutely love them!

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