Coolest Dental Hygiene Graduation Tooth Cake

Coolest Dental Hygiene Graduation Tooth Cake

My cake was so fun to make!  I just graduated as a dental hygienist, and one of my hobbies is to make cakes.  I have always made cakes for everyone else but didn’t plan on making a cake for myself  – but my family made me one… LOL! Well anyways I made a half sheet … Read more

Coolest False Teeth Cake

It was my dad’s birthday in April. Just couldn’t think what type of cake to make for him this year, he’s a bit of a joker and I knew he could take a joke  so I decided to make a false teeth cake for him. Well, when he saw it he laughed and took his own … Read more

Sweet Tooth Birthday Cake

Sweet Tooth Birthday Cake

I am a dental hygienist and one of the dentists in my clinic was turning 60. I offered to bring the cake for his pot-luck lunch and decided to make a tooth birthday cake. I baked a chocolate (everyone loves chocolate!) box mix cake in a rectangular 8×13 pan. I drew a molar on a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tooth Cake

Homemade Tooth Cake

My friend is a dental assistant and wanted me to make a tooth cake for her boss, the dentist, for his birthday. I made a double layer sheet cake (one chocolate layer and one vanilla layer). I then took a large serrated knife and began to shape it into a molar. At first it seems … Read more

Coolest Tooth Cake

Homemade Tooth Cake

I made this cake for my fried that just graduated from Hygiene School I made a full sheet cake and cut a small square cake into a tooth. I placed fondant on it and hand-made the dental instruments and floss out of fondant. It was a hit!

Coolest Dental Implant Cake

Homemade Dental Implant Cake

I made this Dental Implant Cake for one of the dentist’s I work for. Her husband, also a dentist, wanted a unique cake, since her birthday fell on a Implant CE course that day. I used a 11x14in cake pan. For the frosting I used a butter cream recipe, any one will do. For the … Read more

Coolest Holiday Tooth Cake

Homemade Holiday Tooth Cake

A colleague at work asked me to make a tooth cake for his wife’s work Christmas party, she works in a dentist’s office. I made a chocolate sheet cake and when it was cooled I carved out the tooth with a serrated knife. I then torted it to fill with butter cream icing that I … Read more