I am a dental hygienist and one of the dentists in my clinic was turning 60. I offered to bring the cake for his pot-luck lunch and decided to make a tooth birthday cake. I baked a chocolate (everyone loves chocolate!) box mix cake in a rectangular 8×13 pan. I drew a molar on a piece of cardboard and used the cut out as my cake template. After the cake cooled I placed the template on top and cut around it. Towards the top I dug out a piece of the cake for the cavity. I only had 3 tips at the time, so I piped on a star pattern in white icing all over the cake.  I mixed up grey icing and filled in the hole I made for the cavity. To finish, I added a toothpick sign to wish him well.

While I made the cake I couldn’t stop giggling.  My husband kept checking on me since I was making so much noise.  The hardest part was drawing the tooth.  As a hygienist I know what an anatomically correct tooth looks like, but it doesn’t translate well with cake. Too many bumps and grooves. Everyone at work LOVED the cake!  They all took pictures of it and made me promise to make them a tooth for their birthday. Thankfully, I kept the template for future use.