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Coolest Dental Hygiene Graduation Tooth Cake

My cake was so fun to make!  I just graduated as a dental hygienist, and one of my hobbies is to make cakes.  I have always made cakes for everyone else but didn’t plan on making a cake for myself  – but my family made me one… LOL!

Well anyways I made a half sheet cake that was half yellow and half chocalate, for the bottom cake.  I then took another pan and made a cake that was butter pecan flavor.  I shaped the tooth by freehanding and cutting out the shape.  I frosted the entire cake using better cream frosting- it’s more of a whipping frosting but it is delicious, not real sweet and just makes the cake nice and smoothe.  The bottom cake you can’t see very well, but I used tip 103 and created lavender purple ruffles around the entire cake.

The sash and letters RDH are made out of fondant, use the satin ice fondant it is wonderful.  I piped the face and used edible eyes.  Everyone loved the cake, and I am so proud of it.

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