Coolest Dental Implant Cake

I made this Dental Implant Cake for one of the dentist’s I work for. Her husband, also a dentist, wanted a unique cake, since her birthday fell on a Implant CE course that day.

I used a 11x14in cake pan. For the frosting I used a butter cream recipe, any one will do. For the decorations on the cake I used fondant icing which I purchased at the local store. For the mirror and explorer I added small amount of black coloring until I was happy with my color. I rolled out the fondant to look like the instruments and then set them out to dry.

The same with the teeth, I drew a template of the gum tissue and teeth on paper first and then cut them out and traced it on the fondant icing. For the gum tissue I added pink and red coloring until I got my desired color. Then rolled it out and cut out my shapes.

As for the tube of tooth paste and floss I just rolled out the fondant icing and shaped it into the toothpaste and floss. For the lettering I purchased edible markers, which I picked up at a local store which carries Wilton Products.

The cake was a hit and added to the Ce course that day.

Homemade Dental Implant Cake

Homemade Dental Implant Cake

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