Coolest Holiday Tooth Cake

A colleague at work asked me to make a tooth cake for his wife’s work Christmas party, she works in a dentist’s office.

I made a chocolate sheet cake and when it was cooled I carved out the tooth with a serrated knife. I then torted it to fill with butter cream icing that I made myself. It is the recipe from the Wilton website.

I crumb coated the tooth to avoid the chocolate crumbs getting into the white icing as I frosted the tooth. It didn’t really work that well as I was very aggravated with those chocolate crumbs!! I would recommend crumb coating the night before decorating to give it a long time to dry and harden up. I was just too hasty with mine.

I made the tooth brush and leaf and berries from fondant mixed with some gumtex to make it harden up faster. I put the face on with colored butter cream icing and and number 4 tip. The solid black areas I piped in and then waiting a few minutes for the butter cream to crust over and then I patted it flat with my finger dipped in corn starch. The final touch, which you probably can’t see in the photo is that I added edible glitter to the teeth.

I wasn’t at the party and didn’t get to see people’s reactions, but was told the cake was a hit!

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