Cool Homemade Army Battlefield Cake

My little brother wanted an army theme for his birthday, but rather than recreate the Korean War (which he actually asked me to do), I figured a Army Battlefield Cake would suffice.

I used two sheet cakes stacked on top of one another with a layer of frosting in between. I also used a small round pan to make an extra cake to stack on the corner as a hill/mound. I made tan/light brown frosting and frosted the entire cake this color. Then, since I did not have dark brown edible spray paint, I just used chocolate frosting to swirl in patches. I then used edible green spray paint to add in green patches. Black frosting was used for the trim.

The dirt road was made up of crushed graham crackers. I used white frosting to write the happy birthday, but just as a warning, it was extremely hard to do. It was the more difficult part of the cake just because the frosting was not sticking well to the graham cracker.

For the barrier I used Hershey kisses and chocolate sticks for bamboo/trees. Due to time/money constraints I just used my little brothers toy soldiers, but I would have liked to have used modeling chocolate or rice krispy treat.