Coolest Army Birthday Cake

For my son’s sixth birthday he wanted an army party. He also wanted to help make his cake so we did and it was a lot of fun. We started out with a regular chocolate cake mix and a 9×13 cake pan. We put most of the batter in the pan but then I had an idea to put some of the batter in a mini cupcake pan making six mini cupcakes as well.

When we were done baking the cakes and they had cooled we stacked the six mini cupcakes like a hill then we made a cream cheese frosting. I took food coloring and just kept mixing until I came up with the idea to add cocoa powder and then I had the “perfect green” as my son said. I frosted the cake trying to give it texture. Then I crushed some graham crackers and sprinkled them on the hill and in a sort of path.

For the final step my son added all the army men and the flag. The joy of making this homemade army birthday cake with my son was worth more then any store bought cake could bring. This year we are going to be doing it all over again!!!

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  1. Hi! This is exactly what my son (10) has described that he wants for a cake! I was trying to get some ideas on this site and I think I’ll attempt to make a similar cake. I was just wondering if you might have any additional pictures I could see? Maybe from another angle or looking down from the top? Thanks so much for sharing! I hope I can have as much fun making my cake with my son as you did!!

    Thanks! :)


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