Out of this World Alien Piñata Cake

MERGE: Out of this World Alien Pinata Cake

This was my husband’s first solo foray into birthday cake making for our kids – now he shows EVERYONE a photo. He started by making a white chocolate shell (melting choc and swirling around the inside of a greased pudding tin and freezing – 3 layers on top of each other). This would serve as … Read more

Coolest Candy Filled Pinata Cake

Coolest Candy Filled Pinata Cake

For my granddaughter’s 11th birthday…this candy filled Pinata cake is 4 round layers, colored in a variety of rainbow colors in a swirl pattern.  A combination of several ideas found on the inter webs. I prepared  a chocolate “bridge” with melted white chocolate, prepared several days in advance and frozen. I used a plastic oblong bin about … Read more

Cool Piñata Smash Cake

Cool Piñata Smash Cake

This Piñata Smash cake was an awesome cake and so much fun for my twins to smash it to find the goodies inside. I made a round mud cake and topped it with chocolate ganache. I put smarties on top of the ganache so the other lollies wouldn’t stick. Mixed lollies were then put on top. This was … Read more

Coolest Breakable Pinata Cake

Homemade Breakable Pinata Cake

This Breakable Pinata Cake is a variation of a pinata cake. I used chocolate melts and melted them in the microwave. I lightly sprayed a bowl with non-stick spray and then put the melted chocolate in. I used a rubber spatula to carefully cover the bottom and sides of the bowl. I then put it … Read more

Coolest Pinata Birthday Cake

Homemade Pinata Birthday Cake

I made this Pinata Birthday Cake for a friend’s birthday. I baked 1 boxed cake mix in a 12 x 18 inch pan. I drew what I wanted the shape of the cake to look like on paper. I split the pinata shape into pieces (2 legs, body, head, ear) and arranged them so that … Read more

Coolest Pinata Smash Cake

Homemade Pinata Smash Cake

Inspiration for this Pinata Smash Cake came in the form of my small energetic daughter Amy, who was about to turn 5. She wanted a “smash cake”, which she described as being similar to a pinata. As we were having a pinata for her party as well, I thought I’d have a go at this … Read more