Coolest Tea Party Cake Decorating Ideas Tea Cake Recipe Ideas

Coolest Tea Cake Recipe and Photos

I saw someone else’s tea cake recipe online. I thought the idea of using cookie for the handle and spout was a good one. Basically I used a bowl shape that I thought landed itself to a teapot. But the center never would fully cook so rather than burning the outside of the cake I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tea Party Cake Ideas

Coolest Childrens Birthday Cake Recipes

My three year old wanted a Tea Party Theme for her birthday so I thought a tea pot would be perfect. I found on this web site ideas for childrens birthday cake recipes. I baked the cake by making two halves in two bowls then placed one atop the other with frosting between. The top … Read more

Coolest Tea Party Cakes and Awesome Cake Recipe Ideas

Coolest Birthday Cake Recipe and Photo Gallery

This was a quickly made teapot cake recipe for my daughter’s friend Rylee’s fourth birthday party. I used the doll cake form for the cake and hot glue-gunned Necco wafers together for the handle and spout (okay, so we couldn’t eat that part of the cake, but it looked really cute). I cut gumdrops in … Read more

Cool Homemade Teddy Bears Picnic Cake

I made this Teddy Bears Picnic cake after seeing a picture similar and liked it. The grass is piped icing using nozzle number 233. The bears and creatures are made using a mix of 50/50 sugar paste and flower paste.  I created a blanket for them to sit on and food. To make the bear heads, … Read more

Beautiful Homemade 2 Tiered Book and Tea Pot Cake

Coolest Tea Pot Cake

This book and tea pot cake is by far my favorite cake that I have ever done and I hope you guys enjoy my entry! This cake was made for a good family friend who just loves a great pot of tea and a good book. The inspiration was there I just had to get … Read more

Charming Buttercream Teapot Cake for a Tea Party

This cake turned out much simpler than I thought it would be. I used two bundt pans stacked together with the bottom one inverted to create a ball like shape. I used a tiny cake pan for the top of the teapot. I frosted the top and the ball in buttercream frosting. I printed a … Read more

4 Tier Tea Party Themed Wedding Cake

4 Tier Tea Party Themed Wedding Cake

This tea party themed cake was my first ever wedding cake. I had only been making cakes for a little while and a friend asked me if I was up to the challenge.  Well, me being me, of course I was. Everything on this cake was handmade and edible. Tea Party Wedding Cake Instructions The … Read more

Coolest Teapot Party Cake

My sweet little girl decided she wanted a tea party for her 3rd birthday this year, so I needed to make a teapot party cake. I had no clue how to go about that, but I like a challenge.  :) I really dislike fondant, so I made a batch of white modeling chocolate to use … Read more

Cool Mini Tea Party Cake

I made this mini tea party cake for my father’s birthday. My father is not a bloke’s bloke. He loves going out for morning tea and the finer things in life! Also, I had been wanting to make some miniature fondant foods and play with creating a smaller gravity cake before graduating to a big … Read more

Teapot Cake and Cups for 24 Housewarming Party Guests

Teapot Cake and Cups for 24 Housewarming Party Guests

Tea for ‘24’ ??? This teapot cake was fashioned from sculpted Rice Krispies and covered in gum paste. Twenty four teacups were molded from gum paste on the bottom of a cupcake pan. Chocolate cupcakes covered in rich chocolate buttercream icing were then placed in each cup to resemble warm tea along with a swizzle stick to … Read more

Coolest Teapot Cake

Coolest Teapot Cake

It’s my sister in laws birthday soon so I really wanted to surprise her with a cake, well I know she loves tea so I decided to make a teapot cake. This us how I made it: I used a medium sized basin which I lined with grease proof paper before adding the cake mixture. … Read more

Coolest Tea Party Cake

Coolest Tea Party Cake

I made this cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She really wanted a tea party. It was my first time using fondant, I really scared but everybody kept telling me that it was like play doh but tasted good.   So I started with a basic chocolate sponge cake, and made it a 2 tier … Read more