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Charming Buttercream Teapot Cake for a Tea Party

This cake turned out much simpler than I thought it would be.

I used two bundt pans stacked together with the bottom one inverted to create a ball like shape. I used a tiny cake pan for the top of the teapot.

I frosted the top and the ball in buttercream frosting. I printed a clip art graphic of a teapot off the computer and laid a piece of parchment paper of the top.

After melting wilton candy melts and pouring them into a piping bag, I traced the handle and spout. I added extra “prongs” to allow for insertion into the cake. I froze these pieces before poking them into the cake.

I used a gourmet lollipop for the handle topper. I piped on some green swirls and added Wilton cake flowers for decor.

The tea party guests went crazy over the cake. I was glad it turned out so easy and I was thankful I didn’t have to mess with fondant.


Teapot cake for tea party

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