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3 Cool Madeline Child Birthday Cake Ideas

Here’s my Madeline child birthday cake. On my daughter’s real Birthday I simply baked a chocolate cake, iced it and added raspberries around the edges. To make it a Madeline cake I printed off an image of Madeline from a Madeline website and cut out the image and placed it in the center. It looked like a real edible decal. We just took it off before we ate the cake.

For her friend’s Birthday Party I attempted to make Madeline’s famous yellow hat. This cake was very easy to make. I simply baked a large sugar cookie using Pillsbury Sugar Cookie dough and rolled out with flour to fit a 9-10 inch pizza pan.

After the cookie was baked I baked the cake. I used a lemon cake mix but added 1 Tbsp. of freshly grated lemon rind to give it an added zing. I baked the cake according to cake box directions in two round 9-inch cake pans.

Madeline Cake Photo

For the filling I melted some fancy French chocolate and spread in between the layers once cooled. Make sure you trim off excess dry bits around the edges of the cake and take off some of the center area to make it flat. With one tub of lemon frosting mix I added a few drops of yellow food coloring to intensify the color to match Madeline’s gat. Once the cake was cooled I iced the sugar base cookie and added the cake which would be the top of the hat. Simply ice the entire cake with a flat cake knife.

To complete the cake I added a black satin 2 inch width grosgrain ribbon 1 meter long and wrapped it around the base of the hat portion. The Mother’s couldn’t believe it and I had two mother’s asking me if I would recreate this cake for them.

More Madeline Child Birthday Cake Ideas

Madeline child birthday cake by Libby A., Concord, NC

Madeline Cake Photo

This was my daughter’s 3rd child birthday cake – Madeline, from the Ludwig Bemelman’s storybook character. I used an old Wilton pan from the 80’s that was strawberry shortcake (much larger than the new ones). It had a girl face with hat and she was originally holding a large strawberry. I just modified that to a happy birthday sign.

I baked the boxed mix as directed and leveled the cake when cool. I started with black outlines and then did a pink face. To smooth the face, I wet my finger with water and made long sweeping strokes back and forth. It really did the trick. I piped in the eyes and mouth in black, but saved the hat “ribbon” for last. I used the large star tip for the rest of the red, yellow, blue, and white.

It was a pretty easy child birthday cake to make and took less than an hour to decorate using the larger star tip. It was a big hit and she is asking for another Madeline party next year.

Madeline cake by Sarah R., Beit Shemesh, Israel

Madeline Cake Photo

My daughter has just turned six and is crazy about Madeline, so I promised her I would make her a Madeline party & Madeline child birthday cake. I prepared a regular sponge cake in a Wilton doll-shaped tin and then made up loads of butter icing in all the different colors needed for Madeline. To make the dress look the right shape and stick out at the edges, I just iced out onto the silver tray. For the hat & collar, I used rolled icing and sprayed the hat black & yellow using the Wilton color sprays.

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