Classy Giant Cupcake Cake

My daughter is to be the big 30 so I wanted to make her a giant cupcake cake for a surprise.

I had to make the decorations first. I made two different flowers in assorted sizes and when these had hardened I coloured the centres of the flowers with some food colouring watered down with a little vodka. This is so that it would dry quickly because the vodka would evaporate. I then modelled the numbers 30.

I purchased some chocolate fingers and Maltesers for decoration and purchased some orange ribbon (enough to wrap around the base of the cake and make a bow).

It was now time to make the cake.

Preparing and Assembling the Giant Cupcake Cake

  • I made a chocolate cake mix and filled both halves of the giant cup cake tin and baked.
  • When baked I turned it out onto a cooling rack.
  • When cold I attached the cake to the cake board with a little chocolate butter cream.
  • I then levelled off the top of the bottom half of the cake and  also levelled off the base of the top half of the cake.
  • I spread on some butter cream before attaching the top of the cake.
  • I covered the base half of the cake and started to attach the chocolate fingers.
  • I then mixed some butter cream and coloured half with orange.
  • I filled a piping bag by adding 1 spoon of orange and 1 spoon of natural and when I piped the rose swirls the colours mingled together.
  • I then attached the flowers, Maltesers and the numbers 30 to the cake.
  • Finally, I attached the ribbon, made the bow and attached it to finished the cake.

Everyone loved it.


Classy Giant Cupcake Cake