I was asked by a friend of mine to make her daughter a giant cupcake made with chocolate sponge. I started by making the butterflies out of pink flower paste using a butterfly cutter, these were placed on a piece of foil shaped in a v shape so they dried with there wings up. I then made some flowers in white using a flower cutter and these were set aside to dry  when they were dry. The next day I attached a few pink edible balls to the body of the butterfly. I then colored the center of the flowers with a colored dusting powder and then attached some balls to the center.

Then I started to mix all the ingredients for the cake sponge and baked in a giant cupcake pan. When this was  cooked it was left to go cold and then I leveled the two parts of the cake off where they were to be attached together. I then assembled them together with chocolate butter cream and I then covered the cake with a thin coating of the butter cream  I then started to attach the chocolate fingers to the base of the cake using butter cream to stick them to the cake. I then mixed some plain butter cream and piped swirls around the top of the cake then sprinkled the cake with a little edible glitter and then attached the butterflies and flowers and also attached some chocolate Malteesers to the top of the cake and some to the cake board.

Finally I attached a ribbon around the cake and attached the message to the board using cut out icing letters, she loved it. I had a message the next day telling me how lovely the cake is.