Colest High School Musical Birthday Cake

I had so much fun creating this Homemade High School Musical Birthday Cake for my Granddaughter Aimee’s 8th Birthday. I was given the colours pink and white and black and it must have a piano. I made a vanilla sponge cake in a beer box with foil, then I turned it out onto a square board which I covered with a thin coating of butter icing which I left to dry. I covered the whole cake in white butter cream icing and then cut musical notes from black sugar paste, I also cut the letters for her name and the number 8 and the HMS and the arrow out of the black.

I made the piano which I hand moulded and the stoel and the musical notes on the piano out of black and white sugar paste. I hand moulded the curtains out of pink sugar paste and added little pink sugar stars all over I used black butter icing for the igh and chool and usical, and starring and V111 I then set the cake off with black and pink jelly beans. All in all the children loved it and I knew my granddaughter was happy.

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