Coolest High School Musical Cake

I made this High School Musical cake for my High school musical crazy friend’s 21st birthday! Used some of the ideas from this site and adapted them to produce an easy cake in an evening.

The base is just a flat chocolate cake done in a roasting tin. This was then covered in rolled white fondant icing. I then used red fondant icing at the two sides. I placed 3 chopsticks vertically at each side, draped the red icing over and molded it to get the curtain folds. I then pulled out the chopsticks and pinched the curtains at each side and put a little more red icing over for the curtain tie-backs.

The top of the curtain was done in the same way, and all outlined with strawberry lace sweets. The High School Musical letters were cut from yellow fondant icing, with silver decorative balls stuck on with writing icing. The ‘Rachel’ and ’21’ were molded from green icing, and decorated with small chocolate stars.

The High School musical cast was printed from a picture off the internet and laminated (thanks for the idea from this site!). An altogether very quick and easy but effective cake!

11 thoughts on “Coolest High School Musical Cake”

  1. Hey, love your cake. I want to do one for my friends daughter. Where can I get a picture like yours without the red curtain background.

  2. Have just finished making this for my daughter’s 8th Birthday tomorrow – can’t wait to see her face when she sees it! Thanks for the idea. x

  3. I want to make this cake but when I read the part about the laminated print out I will assume that would have to be removed in order to cut the cake. Can anyone clarify for me?

  4. If you go in ebay they edible icing sheets they are only £3 and you can havr thry personalised to say eg happy birthday alisha on it. Just recieved my high school musical one and have very pleased.


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