Cool Homemade High School Musical Cake

This is a High School Muscial cake I made for my son’s 6th birthday. He loves High School Musical, strange for a little boy I know but what can i say!

The cake is a 1/3 chocolate sheet cake with buttercream icing and the characters are from the confetti pack that I laminated. (I got that idea from this website, thanks!) I just stuck them on there lightly after the icing had crusted a little and then pulled them off when it was time to cut the cake. I did a piping gel transfer to get the logo on the cake, worked like a charm.

It was the hit of the party and I had parents asking me to make their cakes! I really had fun making it and Caleb thought it was too good looking to eat! I can only imagine what he will think of High School Musical 3, I guess I better start thinking of cakes for that theme.

7 thoughts on “Cool Homemade High School Musical Cake”

  1. I think your cake is wonderful and I have a son who is about to turn 5 and he is a huge HSM fan also. I just wish that there was more merchandise available for boys in Australia.

  2. Hi! Great cake. Just informing any Aussies who want to know you can buy the HSM confetti at an Aussie eBay store for around $8.00 including postage, I just typed in High School Musical Confetti and it came up!!

  3. Hi there, I am from Holland! I really love your cake! My daughter is celebrating her 11th birthday soon and is a big fan of HSM! So I would like to make her this cake…but can you tell me how exactly you made the logo, piping???
    Hope you can help me out here!! Thanks

  4. nice idea! i am shark from the philippines. My daughter too is a big fan of HSM though she is small. She’s excited for her 7th birthday, this would be a very special cake for her.


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