Coolest Bowling Ball and Pin Birthday Cake Design

My son had a bowling party for his 10th birthday, so we decided to make a Bowling Ball and Pin Birthday Cake Design. I used a 9×13 cake pan for the pin and an 8″ round cake pan for the ball. After baking the 9X13 cake, I placed it on a cookie sheet and froze it. It is much easier to cut shapes when the cake is frozen. I copied a picture of a bowling pin printed off the internet and used a knife to cut out the shape of the pin.

I used some of the “spare” cake pieces to form the yellow accents of the ball hitting the pin. Then I used appropriate colored frosting to frost the bowling pin and ball. I used red colored frosting in a frosting bag with a cake decorating tip, but you can also use a plastic baggy with the corner cut off to add the red colors.

It was a hit with him and his friends!