I made this Super Mario cake for my little boy for his 5th birthday. I was so excited to make it!  Who doesn’t love Mario and all of his friends?! The first thing I did was order a set of “Mario guys” off of Amazon…I chose the set that had the most variety of characters.

Next I looked on this site to get a few ideas, then came up with a plan in my head to make the cake my own. I got all of my supplies which ended up being 3 cake mixes (that I add an instant pudding mix to, to make them extra moist)…a quarter batch of homemade fondant (that I conned my sister into making for me), a package of nutty bars for the bricks, and what felt like at least 5 pounds of butter cream frosting that I broke my hand mixer on while making!

I baked the cakes the night before his party (thank goodness), I baked two 8 inch round…one devil’s food cake, the other yellow, then a 6 inch round also devil’s food cake and finally half of my ball cake pan for the top.

On the day of the party my little boy begged me to watch Rise of the Guardians with him, so I couldn’t resist. That however put me behind on my cake decorating, so it was kind of a race to get it done.

Luckily before the movie, we got his cake board made…something I do every time to go along with whatever cake I’m making. Then afterwards I started to color the fondant to make the stars, coins, clouds and big mouth plant guy…(whatever he’s called?)

This was the fun part for me, just like playing with playdough! As I was doing this, my sister was coloring the frosting for me.. Thank goodness she and my Mom were there to help! My least favorite part is frosting all of the cakes, one of them started to fall apart and the blue frosting was full of crumbs and so hard to get smooth so my Mom stepped in to do that part, while I started piping all of the stars onto the mushroom top. I would much rather do stars on a whole cake than try to smooth out frosting!

Eventually we got all of the pieces in place, then got to do the really fun part of adding my fondant shapes and Mario guys!  At one point I really didn’t think it was going to look good and kept saying, “Well at least it will taste good.” Every time we moved the cake board, we thought the mushroom might just fall off!  But once it was complete, I loved it! And so did my little boy and everyone who came to his party. I think it’s my favorite yet that I’ve made yet.