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Cool Buttercream Minnie Mouse Cake

Here’s my buttercream Minnie Mouse cake. Minnie Mouse is made with a butter cream transfer.

I baked a normal vanilla cake, seperated it and filled it with a vanilla buttercream. I then crumb coated it, let it sit, put the final covering of frosting on and put it aside to set.

For Minnie mouse, I printed out a picture of Minnie Mouse my daughter liked, and with parchment paper over top of the image, I traced it in black frosting with a small piping tip, and filled in some of the black areas like her ears and mouth.

I froze it for about an hour, then mixed up the frosting for the other colors I needed, like red. I filled in the outline with the colors where they belonged inside the black frosting outline. I again froze the picture carefully and flat!

After I let it sit int he freezer for an hour I took the picture out and did some final touch ups, looking at both sides of the parchment paper to see where gaps in the frosting might be. After I filled in the gaps of the image, I put the image back into the freezer for a few minutes to let it harden. Once it was solid I very carfefully took the image from the freezer, slowly flipped the image over onto the top of the cake, and pressed down just enough to set the image into the set frosting.

Then, I put the cake (with the image still on the paper that I laid on the cake) in the freezer one last time, and let it sit again for an hour. After one hour I took it from the freezer, and set it on the table away from any breeze or air flow. As slowly as I could I peeled the parchment paper from one corner of the image, and slid it off by sliding the paper flush against itself.

DON’T FORCE IT or your image will crack! If your image does crack, take a little bit of frosting the same color as the color that is cracked and fill it in, smoothing it out and sticking it back in the freezer, even if you haven’t taken all the paper off yet.

Cool Buttercream Minnie Mouse Cake

Cool Buttercream Minnie Mouse Cake

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