Cool Choo Choo Train Cake

I made this choo choo train cake for my son’s 3rd birthday, as that’s the age that boys are train crazy!

I baked x2 cakes in loaf tin pans using a butter cake recipe and I bought a long Swiss roll. Trim the loaf cakes so that they have flat surfaces and position one vertically and one horizontally to make the base on the cake. Position the Swiss roll on top of the horizontal cake and trim if required. Ice the train shape with green tinted butter cream icing.

To decorate I used sour strawberry straps, cut up to line the edges of the cake and used a piece of strap for the window.  I found multicolored round lolly pops with the sticks cut off for the wheels and placed 3 on each side of the train and one at the end of the Swiss roll.

Used yellow and red jelly beans to decorate the edges, orange skittles for head lights, red licorice above lights and finally a long piece of rock lolly for the funnel.

I teased some cotton wool and attached to the end of the funnel to look like steam. Cute!

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