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Cool Christening Cake

I was asked by a friend of the family to make a cake for their daughter’s christening featuring bears and balloons. The cake itself is made with an everyday normal sponge cake mixture with lemon flavoring added. Once the cake was cool enough, it was sliced through the middle and a layer of butter icing applied and then putting back together, the outer part of the cake was then covered with regal  icing.

I then made a pink plaque and then topped that with a white plaque so that the writing would stand out against the white background. I then constructed small colored balls and squares with letters on them,  the kind you may find in a nursery. The balloons were made from royal icing run outs and stuck to special fine wire for the use of cake making.  I tied fine colored ribbons to the balloons.

The bears I found to be the hardest to do as I didn’t want to use nothing else that couldn’t be eaten. After many frustrating hours I eventually managed to make them by hand using colored regal icing and leaving to dry.

To finish the cake I arranged the items on the cake and finished off with tying a fine pink ribbon around the cake centre.

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