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Coolest Pottery Barn “Hayley” Diaper Cake

My friend Erica and I made this Pottery Barn “Hayley” Diaper Cake for my sister- in-law, whose baby shower was based on the Pottery Barn “Hayley” nursery theme. Even though the bedding has more colors in it, the shower was mainly focused on pink and green so we used these as the main colors for the cake. We began by rolling up about 160 size 1 diapers, each which was held with a small rubber band. We used a decorated foam board as our base. We arranged the diapers into layers, and used a large rubber band around each layer. We used a thick wrapping paper roll in the middle of our layers to hold all 5 layers together.

At the top of each layer, we placed tissue paper to hide the diapers and give the diaper cake a cleaner look. We were going for a sleek look in which the diapers were not visible, so we wrapped each layer of the cake. The bottom layer was wrapped with a regular baby blanket, the next three layers with receiving blankets, and the top layer was wrapped with a waterproof pad. These were attached to the layers by folding them, wrapping them around the layer and attaching them in the back with pins. We used lace and ribbons, as well as flowers made out of socks, to decorate the outside. We also used some shoe socks, a nightlight and a stuffed giraffe to decorate the outside. I ordered the nightlight online so that it would match the shower/nursery theme exactly. Inside the cake, we hid more receiving blankets (which were rolled up around the wrapping paper roll), socks, teethers, pacifiers and rattles.

The finished product included: 160 size 1 diapers, 1 blanket, 6 receiving blankets, 1 waterproof pad, 2 pacifiers, 2 teethers, two rattles, 11 pairs of socks, 7 pairs of shoe socks, 1 headband, 1 musical stuffed giraffe and 1 nightlight. We made a “recipe” card to go with the cake so everyone at the shower could see a list of the ingredients.

This was our first diaper cake experience. The most surprising thing was the amount of time that it took to complete. Even though there were two of us and we had most of the shopping for supplies done, it took an entire day plus part of another day to complete the cake. I definitely recommend this as a project you do with a friend. It helps to have two pairs of hands, so one person can hold something while the other pins it in place. Plus, having a friend to help made it much more fun.

We had a blast and are looking forward to our next diaper cake experience!

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