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Cool Dog Birthday Cake with “Caught-in-the-Headlights Expression”

This dog cake  was for my mom’s birthday. Fondant was a nightmare to roll out by hand but I got it done. I love the expression on this dog’s face. Faces on anything is hard,  the eyes have to be right .Ears and nose have to be in proportion. I think it turned out good for my first fondant sculpted cake.

My mom loved it. I stacked layers and carverd out body shape and made head separate from body. Head is made of rice crispitreaters and a thin layer of butter cream icing, covered treats and then thin layer of fondant. Painted black fondant balls for eyes. Fondant hair for head. I used clay gun to extrude fondant to look like hair. Ears made of gum paste so they will stand up straight. Feet sculpted from fondant, nose sculptured of fondant and painted black. Claws are fondant and painted black.