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Coolest Deer Cake for 8-Year-Old (It Made Him Cry!)

I made horns out of gum paste so they would be good and strong. They we not so easy to make. Small pieces kept falling off so I finally came up with idea to mold them into right shape and let them dry on Pepsi can. My husband made rue they looked like they should lol, stacked cake layers and carved them the shape of the body. Put thin layer of butter cream icing and then thin layer of brown fondant.

I made head separate from rice crispie treats and thin layer of butter cream. Then thin layer of fondant. Made holes for horns and ears. Ears made of gum paste n pushed threw fondant head. Nose made of painted fondant  eyes made from fondant balls painted black. And white circles of fondant around eyes. The little boy his cake was made for was 8 years old and cried when he saw it and did not want to cut it.