Cool Homemade 3D Death Star Cake

This Death Star Cake was such a great experience. I started with a half ball pan planning to make two to place together. Didn’t put in enough batter so ended up having to make another full cake and cut the needed circle out of it to make it shape more or less correctly. It is important to take the divit out for the lazer at this point before moving on.

Then began the frosting process. I used store bought chocolate frosting and fondant. The chocolate frosting I added extra powdered sugar to make it more firm then smeared my shape. I colored and wrapped the beast in gray fondant but had to cut slits because it didn’t shape well for me. I colored more and cut and cut and cut.

I used a ball pit ball to push in the fondant divit and round it off. I used a glass and a shot glass to make the details. I wet my fondant with a paper towel for sticking purposes then when it was all done I detailed the cake using a Bic pen cap. I wanted just a little more detail so I painted some of the spots with black cake gel. I did not use dowels or cardboard or anything technical and it did survive.

Homemade Death Star Cake

Homemade Death Star Cake

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