Coolest Pizza Cake

I made this pizza cake for my husband to surprise him on Valentine’s Day (he is a pizza lover). I made a box cake (yellow) in a 16 inch pizza pan (parchment lined and sprayed with Pam). I froze it and the next day flipped it over out of the pan.

I used a small amount of cocoa powder mixed with water to make a “paint” to tint the edges of the cake crust. I made the sauce with a can of frosting tinted with red (and some orange) food coloring and cocoa powder (to make it darker). I even added cut up red gummi bears to look like chopped tomatoes in the “sauce”. I added some green candy sprinkles chopped up to look like oregano in the sauce ( I had to pick the green ones out of the multi-colored sprinkes).

I rolled some white/clear and green gumdrops flat and cut into strips for green peppers and onions. You will need to roll the strips into powdered sugar a bit when making as these are really sticky.

I also melted a couple green gummi bears in the microwave on a piece of parchment paper and let cool and cut into strips for more green pepper and onion as I ran short on gumdrops.

I rolled flat a few mini marshmallows and shaped into mushroom slices and then brushed cocoa powder on them to look more realistic.

For black olives I bought a box of Crows (like Dots candy, but all black) and sliced them into slices and cut holes in the middle. I tried using a cherry pitter to make the holes but they were way too hard and sticky.

For pepperoni slices I made fondant (for the 1st time ever) and colored with red, orange food color and cocoa powder. I even sprinkled in some flecks of white fondany crumbs to look like fat in the pepperoni. I sprayed with cooking spray so that they were easier to get off the parchment (and the shine looked more realistic).

The cheese was a grated white chocolate bar and also I added some white icing as I could not get the “cheese” to melt with a kitchen torch or a hairdryer which just blew the “cheese” off the pizza.

I got a lot of tips from this website..Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Coolest Pizza Cake”

  1. is that a cake? i can’t tell it looks so much like a real pizza great job!you are so creative!your husband must have loved it. he sure is a lucky guy!

  2. I made this cake and the result was fab!!
    But instead of investing a lot of money for a cake pan, I cut a circle of parchment, set it on top of thick tinfoil (or could use several layers) and folded the edges up around the parchment. Then set that on an overturned cookie sheet.
    I also stirred strawberry jam into the buttercream icing to thin into more of a sauce like mixture.
    I also sifted a small amount of cocoa powder onto the decorated cake to give a browned baked effect.

  3. I laughed till it hurt about the fail of using the hair dryer ‘that blew the cheese off the pizza’. Thank you for the running commentary of how you made this pizza cake!


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