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Coolest Blonde Brownie Pizza Cake

I got the idea of making a brownie, cookie, cake type crust that would make use of my pizza pan. I made a blonde brownie batter from scratch and added a little extra flour to make it more, “cake like”. I also put the batter in the pan before, putting sprinkling nuts in the center (I didn’t want them to show in the pizza “crust”).

I shortened the baking time, but wish I had shortened it a few more minutes to make it more cake like instead of more cookie like. I made a mini trial version that was more brownie like. It still turned out a nice golden brown.

For the toppings, I used helpful tips from the marvelous pizzas on this site. I tinted a container of cream cheese buttercream frosting with cocoa powder and then red and yellow gel coloring. It requires a lot of red color (maybe next time I’ll use a strawberry frosting). I spread it on the crust for the “sauce.” I sprinkled green and brown sprinkles on the edges for “seasonings.”

A couple days ahead of time I tinted fondant and made onions, green peppers, pepperoni and olives (I used 2 different sized straws for the olives and painted them after forming them with gel food coloring and vanilla). The mushrooms and sausages were made with mini marshmallows and cocoa powder.

I love the idea of using shredded white chocolate for cheese, but since I didn’t have any… I sprinkled powdered sugar with a little gold luster dust. I actually like the look of the “pizza” better without the sugar on top.

To deliver it to my friend for his birthday, I used Little Caesar Clip art to make a small poster for a pizza box top since his initials are L.C. Then I made small strips to cover the sides of the box that said “happy birthday”. Lastly, I changed the back reheating directions to “eating” directions, and the recycle symbol to a recycle symbol that says “recycle kindness”. He loved it!!!

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