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Hot Pink and Black Non-Traditional Wedding Cake

Before attempting this wedding cake, I had only done basic cakes for our kids. When our friends approached me about doing a cake for their wedding, I figured it couldn’t be much more difficult than a single tier. How hard can fondant really be…….Wow, was I wrong. All these cake shows make it look so easy. And they must edit out all the mistakes. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I decided to do a practice run. I had never stacked a cake. I made a small, 2 tier cake. The frosting on the bottom tier hardened up so nice, I didn’t think supports would really be necessary. Wrong again. My small top tier sunk down and squished out the filling of the bottom cake. At least I had enough sense to practice.

When the bride called me with her colors, I was slightly intimidated. Hot pink and black. And she loved skulls. But it still needed to resemble a wedding cake. Kind of tough for someone with limited experience. And the groom loved flames. All of these things needed to be incorporated in the cake. I was a little stressed out. My lack of experience and no training had me terrified.

Three days prior to the wedding, I started the cake. My husband had bought me the cricut cake machine for Christmas and those little skulls were the first thing I cut on it. That little red machine is tricky. I went through a pound of gum paste before I got the settings right.

The day before the wedding, I started baking. I had no idea how much time goes into enough cake, frosting, and filling for 120. My largest crowd had been 25. I was up all night filling, frosting, stacking, and cutting out decorations. And believe it or not, my awesome husband was right there helping. My tough, huge hand husband was rolling little fondant balls like a pro. I would never admit it to him, but some things he does better than me!

After 21 total hours of work, I had a wedding cake. I think for my first attempt, it came out pretty good. The bride cried, and suddenly I had people calling in with requests for their events. I don’t have a cake business yet, but hopefully one day I can make that happen.

Hot Pink and Black Non-Traditional Wedding Cake

Hot Pink and Black Non-Traditional Wedding Cake

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