Cool Minions Birthday Cake

I made this Minions cake for my son’s 8th birthday.

To make this cake I first baked 6 layers of my 8 inch round chocolate cake. Then I trimmed and leveled them. I put them all together with my chocolate ganache filling and after that I smoothed it with chocolate ganache frosting. I let it set for a few minutes in the fridge while I prepared my homemade marsmallow fondant.

I dyed the fondant the colors I needed and then started flattening it. When it was ready I covered my cake with it. Since I don’t have exact tools or complete tools, I just used a regular knife to cut the edges and my hands to smooth the surface.

I used my cookie cutter to shape the eyes and the smallest bottle lid I had to form the eyeballs, and then put them all together using water as my glue. Next, I attached them to the cake.

For the hair I used a wire ribbon and dyed it black. I cut them into 4 pieces and then stuck them on his head straight away.

For the legs, feet, and hands I rolled some fondant and formed it like legs, feet, shoes and also arms and hands. I glued them on with water.

I used a fork to do the stitches around the edges to look more like a real jumper.

I attached the candles to the board by rolling some fondant into small pieces, gluing the pieces to the board with water, and then sticking my candles into the small rolled up pieces of fondant.

The funny thing about making this cake was that while I was decorating it, I didn’t see or notice that I forgot to put the strap for the eyes on. My husband and mother thought the Minion was Humpty Dumpty because he looked like Humpty Dumpty without the black strap around!

I loved the cake anyway and it still looked perfect to me. Everybody else loved it too, especially my son, so that’s the most important thing.

Even though I don’t have every decorating tool, it has never stopped me from creating different cake designs or customized cakes. I hope this will inspire you to try making unique cakes no matter what your skill level or number of tools you have.

Cool Minions Birthday Cake

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