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Coolest Despicable Me Minion Birthday Cake

This Despicable Me Minion Birthday Cake is my first Minion Character cake that was made for a birthday of a true fan of this movie. So for the Minion Character cake I made his body from a Wilton oval “7-3/4x 5-5/8” pan. You will need about 2 pounds of white fondant to cover and decorate him.

I tinted about a pound of marshmallow fondant in lemon yellow for his body. I tinted about ½ a pound of the fondant in black for his outfit, hands, legs, and straps. You will also need to tint a handful of fondant in royal blue for his shoes, buttons and lettering on his outfit. For the eye and eye mask you will need a pinch of white fondant, a pinch of fondant tinted in brown and a small ball of fondant tinted in grey.

The cake was vanilla with hazelnut filling. Once I filled it and crumb coated the cake with butter cream, I placed it in the freezer for an hour. Once the cake comes out of the freezer nice and stiff the marshmallow fondant will go on smooth. Spray the entire cake with water so that the fondant will stick.

I rolled out the yellow fondant over the entire cake. I then rolled out some of the black fondant and used an 8” cake board as a cutting guide to cut a half circle for his outfit. I placed the black fondant towards the bottom of his body and attached it with some water and trimmed the excess off. For the upper portion of the outfit I rolled some black fondant and cut out a triangle. I placed the triangle up side down so the narrow part meets the black fondant and attached it with water. I cut out some strips of the black fondant for the straps.

For his buttons and lettering I used the smallest round fondant cutter and the Alphabet cutter for the lettering. For his eye I took some white fondant and cut out a circle with the largest round cutter. I then took the brown fondant and used the medium round cutter for the middle part of the eye. I then took the smallest round cutter and cut out a circle for the black in the eye. I attached all the eye components with some water on the cake. For the mask I rolled out some of the grey fondant and used the top part of the cup to trace and cut 3 circles. I then took the largest round cutter and cut out the center. I placed the circles on top of the eye one at a time with some water. I cut some strips of the black fondant for the straps.

For the hinges on the mask I rolled out some grey fondant and cut 2 small strips. I took the back part of a skewer and made an indentation on the cake for his smile. I cut out 3 strips of black fondant and attached them with water to the top of his head for his hair. For his arms I rolled some of the yellow fondant with my hands to form the shape. I inserted a toothpick to the fondant arm and attached it to the side of the cake. For his hand I took a small ball of black fondant and shaped it into a square. I took a cutter and made 3 slits for his fingers. Once you make the slits roll the fondant with your hand to make his fingers round. I then attached it to his arm with some water. I then used a small strip of black fondant to cover where the arm and hand met. For his legs I rolled some black fondant into the shape of a rectangle and inserted a toothpick to attach to cake. For the shoe I rolled a small ball of the blue fondant and shaped it. I attached it with some water.

The cake turned out really great, she loved it.

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