This cake was made for my son 8 birthday. He loves Ninjago Lego. The cake is vanilla cake with chocolate pudding. The design on the cake had some details.

The first Nina I made was the green one I cover it in green fondant smooth it out then I made the yellow part where the eyes will go. I drew the eyes out fondant ( freehand no stencil) apply to the cake, next I tool out the fondant and cut out a retangle shape I use that for the piece to put around the eyes. I fold the fondant to make it look it a wrap around the face. Then I made the red ninja the same way. Then I took the left over cake and crumb it like you do for cakepops and create the skull on top I use whit fondant to cover the skull and I hand paint the eyes and lines on the cake the lighting around the cake where made out of fondant I add a toothpick to be able to sticke to the cake. I also made Lego piece to go around the cake out of fondant. When I took the cake to my son the kids and his face was priceless the ask do much question on how I did the cake the teacher was also surprise that I made the cake. It was a pretty easy cake to make just making the skull was a little hard because you have to mold and make sure it correct before you cover it in fondant. Overall it was fun cake to do and to see the joy on my son face was priceless