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Coolest Ninjago Sensei Wu Lego Cake

My son wanted a Homemade Ninjago Sensei Wu Lego Cake for his 5th birthday. I like to go all out with his cakes, so I was up for the challenge! I had been inspired by several cakes I had seen around the internet and decided to make the spinner out of cake and Sensei Wu out of chocolate.

I used a box cake, which turned out to be just too moist and fluffy to hold the fondant so it wasn’t as flat as I had wanted. It pulled down and squished the cake out the bottom. I couldn’t fix it, so I put lego’s around the base to hide it.

Sensei Wu was made out of chocolate in a Lego man cake mold. I stuck two of them together and used a hot knife to smooth out the edge. I used gum paste for the hat and beard.

It was a huge hit at the party! I learned a lot while making it.

Homemade Ninjago Sensei Wu Lego Cake

Homemade Ninjago Sensei Wu Lego Cake

6 thoughts on “Coolest Ninjago Sensei Wu Lego Cake”

  1. I’m trolling the internet for ideas for a lego cake and most of them are just building blocks – boring. So, when I saw Sensei Wu, I was intrigued.

    All I can say is, WOW! I don’t think I have time to do a cake like that in the next week, but I love the idea and may try to come up with a simpler version. My son is turning 6 and wants a Ninjago cake.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Help ! I love your cake, it is fantastic !!
    Brillant idea. You say you made Sensai from a lego cake mould but all the ones I have found seem bigger than yours in the picture. Can you tell me what size yours is? Was it a silicone mould? Any help/advice on making the cake would be most appreciated. I have very little confidence mine is going to look as great as yours!

    Thanking you in advance,

  3. Thanks for the great compliments! I did put together a “walkthrough” of how I made it and what I’d do differently next time.

    The lego guy mold is pretty big. It’s a red silicone mold about a foot long. I think they are hard to find in the US, but I happened to ask on Facebook and one of my local friends had it so I was in luck.

  4. I am making something to bring in to school for my son’s birthday and i was thinking of ninjago. Cameron loves sensei wu so now I am inspired to do it on a cupcake!

  5. What a great job! I’m looking for ideas for my sons birthday cake, and was amazed when I came across your Sensei Wu Cake! Great Job!


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